About District Development Group

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District Development Group (DDG) is dedicated to the creation of community focused projects. DDG develops housing and community facilities that provide both social and economic benefits. Projects include housing that offers unique designs and amenities while preserving the diversity of the community, charter schools that offer alternative educational environments and public facilities created with both distinctive architecture and responsive program offerings. All of these developments share the common goal of creating financial viable ventures while enriching the local community. Developments are undertaken utilizing a varied set of industry partners to maximize results and to ensure the participation of  skilled craftsmen and the provision of local training and employment. Click the DDG logo for more information.

About A2 Design Inc

A2 Design, Inc. is a licensed architectural firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are licensed in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine, North Carolina and Georgia. We are an NCARB member and are continually expanding our affiliation with other jurisdictions. Click the logo for more information and a listing of projects.